Shit We Don't Talk About

Ep 74 - Somatic Healing

December 03, 2022 Mia Voss
Shit We Don't Talk About
Ep 74 - Somatic Healing
Show Notes

Guest Rebecca Bee Bromberg fills us in on what exactly IS Somatic Healing, why its a great complement and/or alternative to plant medicine, and details the 5 somatic modalities. 

More about our Guest:

Rebecca Bromberg is a body-mind healing coach and recovering perfectionist. She helps professionals and entrepreneurs transform from running on fumes in survival mode to thriving with calm confidence. She is the founder of Finishing School, a thriving community of high-performing professionals learning to heal and rewire their unconscious minds so they can thrive on purpose. She is also the founder of Sole Clarity, where she has provided mindfulness-integrated programs for community nonprofits and community-minded for-profits. Rebecca is trained in Mindfulness-Based Somatic Healing and has had a steady mindfulness practice for over 20 years.







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