Shit We Don't Talk About

Ep 72 - Postpartum Depression & Modern Mom Myths

November 04, 2022 Mia Voss
Shit We Don't Talk About
Ep 72 - Postpartum Depression & Modern Mom Myths
Show Notes

Guest April Kelly discusses her motherhood journey including postpartum depression, restricted milk supply, medical gaslighting, doula birthing, and more.

More about April and her journey:

Just a few years ago, April Kelly and her family were celebrating one of the most joyous times of their lives, bringing home their new baby. Like most parents, she and her husband experienced the full range of emotions, happiness, excitement, a tinge of anxiety but most of all, the warm sensation of unyielding love. Shortly after returning home from the birth of their 3rd child, they were faced with a sudden change of events that ultimately led them to make the decision to supplement full-time. After battling postpartum depression, a restricted milk supply, and excruciating feedings, April decided to grasp onto the tidbit of sanity she had left, forgetting about the mommy guilt and diving headfirst into supplementing. "Like many moms, I felt ashamed, overwhelmed, and a bit guilty. What could I have done differently to avoid this outcome? I wasn't looking forward to the task of formula shopping or the potential of mom-shaming that sometimes comes along with formula feeding." After experiencing terrible side effects from a popular plant-based formula on the market, April and her husband decided to take matters into their own hands, committing to extensive research on formula ingredients and alternative options. Safe to say, a fire was lit that still burns today. "With the aid of pediatricians, industry experts, my husband, and all of my mom-friends, we've developed a special recipe that provides complete nutrition, quality, and convenience." As a woman, a mom of four, and a wife, April strives to create an inclusive family-friendly brand that empowers, educates, and equips parents to make the best decisions regarding the health and well-being of their children starting with their ready-made plant-based formula for infants, and toddlers


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