Shit We Don't Talk About

Ep 070 - Friendship Breakups

October 28, 2022 Mia Voss
Shit We Don't Talk About
Ep 070 - Friendship Breakups
Show Notes

This is shit we DEFINITELY don't talk about: Friendship Breakups. This is a messy and taboo subject for many and guest Aimée La Fountain dives deep into the nuanced layers of kicking a friendship to the curb.

Pro-tip: This episode is an excellent follow-up and pairs nicely with Episodes 68 and 69

Aimée La Fountain is a Greater New York-based writer and marketing strategist. She currently serves as an arts columnist for Gannett and specializes in features. Her writing has appeared in YES!, SELF, The New York Times, and The Washington Post, among others.

I wrote a piece for Yes! Magazine offering advice for recovering from the end of a friendship, based on what I've learned from a few breakup experiences with long-term (10+ years) friends.I believe there's a hunger to address the issue because despite it being a common (in a 2016 Finnish study, 70% of participants had ended friendships) and painful (a 2010 study found that social rejection can be as distressing as physical pain) experience, society tends to give it little attention. The end of a friendship can be as devastating as the end of a romantic relationship, yet we don't have friendship divorces or other established norms for how to go about it. While we also have expressions like "it's not you, it's me" for romantic relationships, there isn't a similarly established dialogue for friendship breakups.

Aimée's article featured in YES Magazine

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